Tailored Solutions

Our service represents a crucial and unique benefit to the products and services our clients provide. It’s what elevates them well above industry standards, and it’s what makes a positive and lasting difference to the lives of their customers.

93% said that the RedArc service enhanced their view of their provider Source: RedArc 2022 patient survey

Our services help in a wide range of circumstances and are tailored to meet the specific needs of all our corporate clients so that they can offer a unique service that adds real value to their brand.

Why our clients love RedArc

Insurers love RedArc Nurses because we add an extra dimension of value to their proposition. The relationship we have with their policy holders brings the intangible insurance to life and ensures members get real value from their insurance.

Intermediaries love RedArc Nurses because we add the personal care and support for their clients. We build the bridge between the insurance product and the member, ensuring employees get the most from their employee benefits.

Employers love RedArc Nurses because we look after their staff at a time when they most need it, and help them make the most of their employee benefits. We add the personal service to an insurance policy document.

Membership organisations love RedArc Nurses because we offer their members support tailored to their needs. Be this the Police Service, FSB or other professional organisations, we ensure members get the specific support they need.