We work with insurers, intermediaries, employers and membership organisations, adding value to insurance products and employee assistance programmes, as well as employee benefits and membership solutions.

Our RedArc Nurses give people practical advice and emotional support to help them cope with their experience of illness, disability, trauma or bereavement.

By listening, empathising and taking time to get to know people well, we offer a comprehensive and compassionate service with just one simple goal – to make lives easier and better, and we do it because for us it’s instinctive.

We know from experience that during times of debilitating illness or stress, practical advice and emotional support is every bit as important as financial assistance, if not more so. The benefits of genuine and timely support can stay with the people we help and their families for the rest of their lives.

We recognise that the impact on families can be enormous, so we can also extend our service to carers and other family members.

People value our service because they can tell that we genuinely care, and this gives them back confidence that’s been compromised by their circumstances.

The RedArc services cover all serious and long-term physical and mental illnesses, trauma, eldercare and bereavement, across all life stages. The services are uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual according to their own particular situation. Our holistic approach not only provides practical information and advice, but also, very importantly, addresses the emotional aspects which are so important in aiding recovery or enabling people to be the best they can be whatever their circumstances.

“Your Nurse Adviser was the only one to give support and a sympathetic ear throughout my experience. My employers and management gave little or none in this case. Thank goodness someone cared to follow my progress when I was down”

A RedArc patient