A diagnosis of cancer usually comes as a huge shock to people and their families. Help is needed to come to terms with the diagnosis, understand options for surgery and treatment, and to cope with the side-effects and long-term implications.

Treatment and surgery in the NHS is excellent, but unfortunately there is usually very little time to provide the softer skills, so having access to someone who has plenty of time to listen on a regular basis can be invaluable. There are also excellent services available from charities such as Macmillan and Cancer Research UK, but sometimes people need help to make sure that they make best use of everything and that it dovetails together, this is another area where we use our expertise to advise.

In addition to the long-term support of the personal nurse, they may identify that their patient would benefit from some additional help such as a structured course of therapy or counselling, second medical opinion, practical help at home or professional coaching to return to work.
Our nurses use their expertise to assess what would be most appropriate for each individual, and arrange it very quickly, often avoiding a long wait on the NHS and getting people on the road to recovery much sooner.

RedArc has a unique partnership with Careology to provide a simple app to enable cancer patients to manage many of the aspects of cancer treatment. Careology Leaflet