Long COVID or post-COVID syndrome is an emerging condition affecting many people previously infected with Coronavirus. The symptoms are very wide-ranging, often occur in clusters, fluctuate over time and can affect every area of the body. They include: breathlessness, chronic fatigue, cognitive blurring (“brain fog”), muscle pain, mobility problems, effects of organ damage psychological and emotional and many more.

Anyone previously infected with the COVID-19 virus can be affected, regardless of whether they were critically ill or only had mild symptoms, previously clinically vulnerable or fit and healthy, young or old.

RedArc nurses can help people suffering from long COVID through dedicated nurse support providing flexible help and advice to deal with all the symptoms and implications such as: managing the fluctuating symptoms,          dealing with the psychological and emotional impacts, managing long-term fatigue, guidance on breathing exercises and physical activity, nutrition and dietary advice.

Clinically suitable additional services can be provided such as a course of therapy or counselling, a second medical opinion, small piece of medical equipment. Our nurses use their expertise to assess which would be the most appropriate and arrange it very quickly, often avoiding a long wait on the NHS and getting people on the road to recovery much sooner.

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