2021 Patient Survey Results

Overall 99% of patients rated the service Good/Excellent. Open post to download full results

Insurers should remember that support before diagnosis is important too

RedArc is encouraging insurers to remember that support is available before a condition has been confirmed, or is eligible for a claim, so that their clients and policyholders can benefit from support and reassurance whilst they wait for tests, test results and follow-on appointments. The nurse-led wellbeing service believes that it’s important for insurers who… Continue reading →

OneFamily expands Over 50s benefits package

OneFamily has expanded the comprehensive benefits package offered with its Over 50s Life Cover to include an advice service for carers, an app for cancer patients and a coaching service for cancer survivors as they return to work. OneFamily works with RedArc to provide comprehensive long-term one-to-one personal support as a standard benefit with its… Continue reading →

‘Normalise different’ and have a mental health safety net for a successful return to the workplace, says RedArc

Ahead of Mental Health Week 10-16 May 2021, Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc comments on the potential for the forthcoming return to work, the so-called ‘re-entry’, to induce further anxieties amongst staff.  Christine Husbands said: “Employers will only truly understand the magnitude of the post-pandemic mental health toll on their employees when they start… Continue reading →

RedArc launches dedicated Long Covid support service

RedArc, the third-party support service included within employee benefits, group and individual insurances, and membership plans, has announced the launch of a new dedicated nurse service to support those suffering from the effects of Long Covid. Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc, said: “Anyone who has had Covid-19 could be affected by Long Covid, from… Continue reading →