Support mental health carers this World Mental Health Day

RedArc, the nurse-led health and wellbeing support service is reminding employers and insurers to ensure they have adequate provision in place for those who support others with mental health issues. This includes a wide range of people from those who have caring responsibilities at home for family or friends, as well as those who have… Continue reading →

World Suicide Prevention Day: RedArc encourages a focus on connectedness to help prevent suicide

RedArc, the nurse-led health and wellbeing support service, is highlighting that a focus on connectedness can be a key way to prevent the incidence of suicide, and ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day, it believes employers and insurers should consider building this message and support into their communications and provision. Suicide can be prevented; and… Continue reading →

Consumer Duty should lead to more proactive referrals for added-value support, says RedArc

Consumer Duty should lead to more proactive referrals for added-value support, says RedArc, the nurse-led health and wellbeing service. The wealth of support that’s added to many insurance policies – including for critical illness, mental health and bereavement – all help to meet the requirements of Consumer Duty in ensuring the right outcomes for those… Continue reading →

One year on: Benenden Health members benefit from RedArc’s support for cancer

Over 330 (331) Benenden Health members were provided with support for cancer during the first twelve months of the mutual organisation offering support for the disease via RedArc’s experienced registered nurses. The not-for-profit healthcare provider added RedArc to its range of partners in June 2022, recognising that when a member is diagnosed with cancer, specialist… Continue reading →

RedArc: bereavement counselling is only appropriate for 25% of grieving people

RedArc is warning employers and insurers that bereavement has many facets, and structured counselling is only one of a number of possible solutions for those affected, and should not be the default recommendation for dealing with bereavement. In RedArc’s experience, many employers and insurers typically offer bereavement counselling as their primary or sole solution for… Continue reading →

RedArc: More men urged to seek early intervention support

Men’s Health Week 12-17 June 2023 This Men’s Health Week, RedArc’s ambition is for more men to be aware of and seek the early intervention support that is included within many health and protection benefits and insurances, as this can lead to better health outcomes. Men seek help when symptoms are severe More men now… Continue reading →

Ahead of Cancer Survivors’ Day (4 June 2023)…

RedArc warns that it is vital insurers’ and employers’ support goes beyond the all-clear • As there may be no ‘back to normal’ for cancer survivors Cancer is one of the conditions for which added-value support via health and protection insurances is most sought. RedArc’s experience is that while people who are newly diagnosed and… Continue reading →

RedArc: Not every negative feeling is a mental health concern – Mental Health Awareness Week: 15 to 21 May 2023

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Christine Husbands, commercial director for RedArc, comments on why a nuanced approach to mental health support is required: “This Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme is anxiety. Many people may be currently experiencing anxious feelings due to a number of things, including the current cost-of-living crisis, but this type of anxiety… Continue reading →

40% of RedArc nurse time is spent supporting people with issues beyond their primary condition

• Survey for International Nurse’s Day from RedArc • Added-value nurse support goes far beyond medical advice alone A new survey released today by RedArc for International Nurse’s Day (12 May 2023) highlights the pivotal role that nurses play in adding value to health & protection insurance policies, and affinity group membership plans. The organisation’s… Continue reading →