Insurers’ preparedness for Covid-19 claims should include physical and mental health support for Long Covid

According to RedArc, holistic and personalised support for as long as is needed – similar to that already provided by insurers for conditions such as cancer, ME and diabetes – is required for Long Covid. This condition currently affects approximately 60,000 people in the UK* and is characterised by a variety of physiological and psychological… Continue reading →

RedArc adds specialist cancer organisation to its partner panel

Specialist cancer organisation, Working With Cancer, has been added to RedArc’s panel of additional services expanding the range of additional support that the RedArc nurse can offer, particularly with issues relating to the workplace. About Working With Cancer Working With Cancer is a social enterprise aimed at providing coaching and training services to employees to… Continue reading →

Emotional reaction to COVID-19 akin to grief for many employees, says RedArc

World Mental Health Day: 10 October 2020  Having provided mental health support to employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, RedArc believes that many people are experiencing some of the same emotional reactions to their circumstances as they might during bereavement. The organisation has witnessed employees at various stages of denial, anger, bargaining depression and acceptance, as… Continue reading →

2020 Patients Survey Results

We are delighted to confirm the results of our annual survey:

  • Overall 99% of patients rated the service Good/Excellent
  • Response: 57%

With utilisation rates consistently over 85% this reinforces and demonstrates the real value that RedArc adds.

Download 2020 results

Fewer diagnoses of illnesses means treatment will take longer for both physical and mental health

Since the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic,  people have been reticent to visit medical practitioners to have their concerns investigated, as a result, diagnoses of serious illnesses are significantly lower than they should be, with year-on-year cancer diagnoses down 39%*, and this will have long-term serious consequences for the treatment of both physical and mental… Continue reading →

The support available for less common conditions needs more publicity

Cancer, heart disease, musculoskeletal conditions and mental health might be the conditions most likely to make headlines and are often the most claimed-for on protection insurance policies, but RedArc is reminding insurers not to overlook other less common conditions, which when grouped together make up a significant proportion. RedArc nurses commonly support people with less… Continue reading →