Health and wellbeing support will become increasingly comprehensive in 2022, says RedArc

Workplace health and wellbeing support will become increasingly comprehensive and sophisticated in 2022, according to RedArc, the nurse-led wellbeing service. Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc says: “The year the pandemic arrived really took the wind out of employers’ sails but those who already offered comprehensive health and wellbeing support would have felt that their… Continue reading →

Children-specific bereavement support within employee benefits is underutilised

Bereavement support for children is often embedded within employee benefits but is too often underutilised according to RedArc, ahead of Child Grief Awareness Day on 18 November 2021. The nurse-led health and wellbeing service believes this deficit is due to a lack of employer awareness that children-specific bereavement support is in fact often embedded into… Continue reading →

People who most need mental health support struggle to get it

There are a lot of support services that offer mental health support, however many do not cater for more complex and enduring mental health issues, such as severe depression, trauma and psychiatric disorders. Many support services are only limited to mild to moderate mental health issues, such as low mood and anxiety, for instance via… Continue reading →

2021 Patient Survey Results

Overall 99% of patients rated the service Good/Excellent. Open post to download full results

Insurers should remember that support before diagnosis is important too

RedArc is encouraging insurers to remember that support is available before a condition has been confirmed, or is eligible for a claim, so that their clients and policyholders can benefit from support and reassurance whilst they wait for tests, test results and follow-on appointments. The nurse-led wellbeing service believes that it’s important for insurers who… Continue reading →

OneFamily expands Over 50s benefits package

OneFamily has expanded the comprehensive benefits package offered with its Over 50s Life Cover to include an advice service for carers, an app for cancer patients and a coaching service for cancer survivors as they return to work. OneFamily works with RedArc to provide comprehensive long-term one-to-one personal support as a standard benefit with its… Continue reading →