Benenden Health adds RedArc cancer support to its range of services

Not-for-profit healthcare provider, Benenden Health has added RedArc to its range of partners to bring the benefits of experienced registered nurses to its members. This will provide members with access to emotional and practical support and advice, via telephone, throughout a member’s cancer journey. Importantly, this support will be from a designated nurse and will continue for as long as it is required.

The introduction of RedArc’s services follows research amongst Benenden Health’s 830,000 members who indicated that they would benefit from such support when diagnosed with the disease.

As a mutual Society, Benenden Health aims to make private healthcare accessible to all. Unlike traditional Private Medical Insurance, it accepts all members for the same price with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions or age. It uses the funds collected from members to provide discretionary support for individuals when they are ill. However, it recognises that when a member is diagnosed with cancer, this can have such huge implications for every area of their life, that specialist support is needed to help the individual and their family cope.

Benenden Health does not try to replicate NHS services but instead provides support to members when NHS resources are under pressure. Even with an ambitious recovery plan, it will take years for the NHS to clear the post-Covid backlog of cancer cases and, whilst Benenden Health does not cover cancer treatment directly, it recognises that it is often the emotional aspect of dealing with the disease that is lost.

Support from RedArc will be available after six months of membership and will be tailored to members’ specific needs. Support can include:

  • Help with understanding a diagnosis and its potential consequences
  • Preparation ahead of and support after consultations
  • Direction to other services available from the NHS and Benenden Health including mental health support and physiotherapy
  • Emotional support
  • Practical advice on dealing with the implications of cancer
  • Support in dealing with any employment concerns or returning to work during and after treatment
  • Services and therapies from third parties including short-term home care and complementary therapies
  • Sourcing cancer-specific clothing, head coverings and prostheses
  • Signposting to the Benenden Charitable Trust which can provide grants
  • Signposting to other national and local charities and support groups and networks.

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc said: “We’re delighted to be working alongside such a reputable and well-established healthcare provider, bringing the benefits of our experienced nurses to help members when they are going through a difficult time in their lives due to cancer.

“Our experience in dealing with cancer patients is that having an independent professional on hand, outside of immediate friends and family, gives them freedom to talk more frankly and deal more directly with the emotional and lifestyle consequences of a diagnosis. Our nurses will be able to listen to members’ concerns about how cancer is affecting any aspect of their lives and respond accordingly with bespoke support.”

Neil McCallum, Head of Product and Partnerships for Benenden Health said: “Selecting RedArc to be on our ever-expanding panel of partners was an obvious choice as we are very much aligned in our approach to providing holistic care.

“RedArc was able to demonstrate how its nurses signpost individuals to a wide range of other services. Having the ability to dovetail with our existing providers is key in ensuring all services are widely utilised for the best possible outcomes for our members.

“We know that this support will be beneficial to our members whether they are just receiving a diagnosis, going through treatment, or dealing with the longer-term effects of cancer. RedArc’s team of nurses will be by our members’ side throughout.”