RedArc: Women are twice as likely to access support via their partner’s insurance as vice versa

International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March 2024

Analysis of RedArc’s claims data shows that women are twice as likely to access health and wellbeing support as a benefit of their partner’s insurance claim1 than vice versa. This reflects the fact that not as many women have insurance, so they also don’t have direct access to the added-value support that comes with it, meaning they miss out on all that that entails, be that emotional or practical.

Many insurers allow partners and families to access the third-party support embedded within a policy. As fewer women are insured, the analysis from RedArc indicates they are using their partner’s policy to access support as they do not have direct access to it via their own policy.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Christine Husbands, commercial director, RedArc said: “It’s archaic to think of a woman’s reliance on her partner’s insurance policy for her own wellbeing, but our data does show there is a very real need.

“We would encourage our industry and employers to inspire inclusivity – the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day – and do all that they can to ensure women have the appropriate insurance in place, and to make use of all available support – be that via their own or their partner’s policy. We know that when women have access to support they make good use of it, so it is budget very well spent.”

  1. Based on RedArc’s 2023 referrals data which were as a result of a claim.