Trained Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) are growing in popularity, they can be an important part of an organisations wellbeing strategy with enable volunteers to have formal training to equip them to help their colleagues. But there is more to having Mental Health First Aiders than just asking for volunteers and training them, they must be properly supported in their role.

One of the most prominent findings of a study by the University of Nottingham & Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)* was blurred boundaries i.e. the potential for MHFA to go above and beyond their role to help an employee. Other findings were the potential for employees to misinterpret the role as a source of ongoing support and highlighted that employers have a duty of care to safeguard whole organisation, not just those seeking assistance but also those providing it.

Based on the principles of clinical supervision, led by an experienced registered mental health nurse, our service comprises:

  • Regular, remote small group sessions enabling MHFAs to:
    • Network as a group and provide peer support
    • Share concerns and learning
    • Share information on useful sources of help
    • Manage the boundaries of the role
  • Access to the mental health nurse on a 1:1 basis for guidance and personal support.

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