A serious illness diagnosis is inevitably a worrying time.  In fact any illness can lead to a range of emotions, concerns and questions.

RedArc provides a unique service combining a face-to-face consultation with the long-term support from a personal nurse adviser.

As  the Second Opinion is provided by a UK-based Consultant Specialist, recommendations and treatment advice are  in line with UK NICE guidelines and available in the UK.

The reasons people look for a Second Opinion are many and varied, for example,  confirmation of a diagnosis, help in making choices about treatment, concern that a condition is not improving or possibly doubts about information or recommendations from their existing Consultant.

The service is totally confidential and no information will be shared with any other party without the patient’s consent.

Personal Nurse Adviser

Each patient is allocated a dedicated personal nurse adviser who provides information, guidance and support by telephone before and after the Second Opinion.

Face-to-Face UK Consultation

After an initial discussion, the most appropriate Consultant Specialist(s) is identified for the customer. The customer may be offered a choice of Consultant Specialists.

The personal nurse adviser gives guidance to the customer prior to the consultation, such as questions to ask and what to expect.

After the Consultation

After the Consultation, a medical report is sent to the customer and their GP.

The personal nurse adviser follows up with the customer to help them decide on next steps following the Second Opinion. This may involve accessing services or further tests through the NHS or privately, making decisions or coming to terms with a disappointing outcome.

For those that need long-term support, perhaps in adjusting to and managing a serious health condition, the support of the personal nurse adviser can continue.

Benefits of the Service

  • Face to Face – customers value the opportunity to discuss their medical condition directly with the Consultant.
  • Recommendations are in line with UK NICE guidelines and therefore are available in the UK.
  • It is feasible for customers to go on to have treatment in the UK with the consultant who provided the second opinion.
  • Consultations can be arranged very quickly with a relevant expert but without long delays in extracting medical records from the NHS – which may be an issue with second medical opinions carried out abroad.
  • Minimise delays in making important treatment decisions.
  • All medical conditions are included, including Mental Health.
  • The support of the personal nurse adviser is invaluable both before and after the Second Opinion. We help people prepare for the consultation and deal with the outcome, often involving difficult choices at a very emotional and vulnerable time, we also help people come to terms with disappointing news.

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