Being medically well enough to leave hospital is not the same as being better. Extra support in the first few days and weeks after returning home is often necessary and rarely offered.

People can feel abandoned when they first come out of hospital. Extra care and support at this time is invaluable. Specialist Organisations who have been trained to look after people when they are discharged from hospital are best placed to support them during recovery at this crucial time.

Everyone is different, some will need practical help and others will benefit from advice and emotional support.

When leaving hospital, any further care from the hospital can be non-existent or fragmented; we help to ensure support is ongoing.

The personal nurse adviser provides long-term practical advice and emotional support by telephone.

In addition, they can also organise some help in the customer’s own home, carried out by qualified carers to assist with:

  • Personal care, such as help with getting up, washing, dressing, going to the bathroom and going to bed.
  • Domestic duties, such as housework, meal preparation, gardening and shopping.
  • Assistance with medical care, such as collecting prescriptions, arranging appointments and travel to appointments.

Key benefits include:

  • Dedicated long-term support from the same personal nurse adviser.
  • Practical and emotional support when it is most needed.
  • Short-term help at home.
  • Mitigating the risk of the patient feeling abandoned.
  • Building independence, confidence and reducing the need to rely on others.
  • Reducing the worry and stress of arranging care themselves, with one point of contact throughout.
  • Facilitating long-term management of the condition.
  • Improving wellbeing.
  • Providing the much-needed and much-wanted time that is not available through traditional PMI or other healthcare benefits.