Press Release: Royal London Enhances Helping Hand Service

Royal London’s Helping Hand service has been enhanced by adding five practical services, available through a RedArc personal nurse adviser, to help people cope in the most difficult circumstances that life can throw their way.  The enhancements include practical help at home, offering services such as cooking, cleaning, food shopping and gardening, to help ease the pressure of running a home so the person who is ill can recover. Help for carers in the form of specialist advice and counselling has also been added to the service along with help in recovery, services for children and support for maternity complications.

Royal London recognises that there is a growing group of around 6.5m adults in the UK who are caring for someone.  Carers are sometimes overlooked by mainstream services and are often coping with a huge amount of pressure and worry over the health of their loved one.  The emotional and practical support this service provides can be invaluable at times like this.

Help in recovery assists people facing a life changing diagnosis or disability and offers counselling, dietary and nutrition planning and advice to help people come to terms with any significant changes in their life.

Services for children offers practical and financial advice and emotional support to parents who have a child with a serious illness or injury.

Support with maternity complications helps women and their families cope with serious problems such as infertility, miscarriage or post-natal depression.

Debbie Kennedy, Head of Protection at Royal London said: “Many of our customers juggle the needs of their young families and possibly elderly parents too, alongside work commitments, the so-called ‘Sandwich Generation’.  This can put a strain on their ability to provide care and support to a loved one, both emotional and financial.  The new support services provided by Helping Hand can make all the difference to help people cope with the curve balls that life throws at them.”

Christine Husbands, managing director of RedArc, said: “We are delighted to work with Royal London to help develop the support services provided with all of their protection products. Our experience shows that the help needed when people are ill is varied and multi-faceted.  Our personal nurse advisers will develop a care plan personalised to the individual circumstances.  This could include help over the phone and access to services including those recently added.  Customers are now offered an even more comprehensive service.”

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