Press release: RedArc selected as key partner for EmbryoCare

RedArc has been selected to provide nurse-led support services for EmbryoCare – the company that offers insurance for families against the risk of their baby being born with a health defect, or dies by any cause. RedArc will provide practical and emotional support to all customers from the moment of purchase – at no extra cost, regardless of whether a claim is made or not.

In selecting RedArc, EmbryoCare is responding to the preferences of mothers-to-be:

  • three quarters said they would like telephone support during their pregnancy
  • and just over a third (34%) said they would feel more reassured by speaking to a dedicated nurse

Receiving bad news about the health of an unborn baby is devastating, as is giving birth to a child with a serious health condition, or a stillbirth. When hormones are added in to the equation, alongside genetic issues, fertility concerns, demands of other children and employment worries, it is a hugely traumatic time for families. Support is also available for complications and concerns during pregnancy as well as following birth.

EmbryoCare’s founder and CEO, Jamie Moyes, said: “Becoming a new parent can be a hugely worrying time in itself – but if that child has a health condition, it can be completely overwhelming. Whilst providing financial assistance for parents in these situations is at the core of our proposition, we felt we wanted to go above and beyond this. Partnering with RedArc was an obvious decision for us because they have a proven track record in providing telephone-based emotional and practical support for families during especially difficult life stages.”

About EmbryoCare

EmbryoCare’s insurance policy gives beneficiaries a lump-sum payment (of up to £150k) that can help towards costs such as investing in special equipment; house alterations; on-going therapies, or allowing both parents to take some extended time off work. All of which would be very valuable should a baby be born with a defect (this currently affects 1 in 46 births in the UK). How the money is spent is at the discretion of the mother, who is the sole beneficiary of the Future Family policy.

The policy can be purchased after a clear 20-week scan and before the 30th week of pregnancy. Twin policies can also be purchased.

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc says: “We’ve been supporting families with seriously ill children and those who suffer the death of a baby or infant for many years now. One of the recurring themes is that parents need to find someone to talk to, to help relieve some of their stress and anxiety, as well as ask medical or practical questions.

“Whilst there is often much assistance from family, friends and the child’s medical team immediately after the birth or passing of a baby or infant, parents can worry about being a burden to others and so they are often relieved to have the continuity of an independent expert with whom they can discuss any issues, no matter how trivial they may seem.”

RedArc’s partnership with EmbryoCare is an example of how the company is extending its reach by ring-fencing elements of its service and expertise for specific markets: in this instance EmbryoCare’s customers will receive help from one of RedArc’s team of registered nurses which can be supplemented by external paediatric specialist nurse support. The support can commence at any time up until the child’s second birthday (as per the EmbryoCare policy) and will continue for as long as is needed (beyond the child’s second birthday if required) with no limit to the number, length or frequency of telephone calls with the dedicated RedArc nurse.