Press release: Exam stress affects parents too, says RedArc

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc says: “Employers need to be aware that exam stress can affect staff too – particularly those who have children who are about to sit GCSE, A-levels or end-of-college exams that affect future life choices.

“Exam stress increases dramatically when families are facing other difficulties such as divorce, bereavement or illnesses, and parents can find it hard to support their children through these difficult times.

“Employers should ensure they communicate relevant employee benefits to staff, as they can be hugely beneficial in ensuring staff remain productive and that they feel supported during what is potentially a tricky time in their family’s life.”

Personal nurse advisers work with insurers, intermediaries, employers and membership organisations, adding value to insurance products and employee assistance programmes, to provide practical advice and emotional support to help people cope in times of physical and mental illness, disability, trauma or bereavement.

RedArc supports a number of cases every year where families are struggling to cope with a situation and are concerned about the knock-on effect to their children – especially during their exams.

Christine Husbands concluded: “When a family member is ill or suffering bereavement, these insurances can be a lifeline in not only helping the insured but also in supporting their family. We’re currently in the middle of exam season and any additional pressures can really weigh heavily on young people’s mind. This can exasperate any existing health concerns such as coughs, colds, asthma and eczema, through to eating disorders and epilepsy. Employees often find it useful to have an independent person to support them in dealing with the reason for the initial referral but also in helping their children cope – particularly with the addition of exam pressures.”