Advisers should remind clients about mental health support this Blue Monday

RedArc statistics show 30% increase in mental health referrals every January


Blue Monday (Monday 15 January) is recognised as the most miserable day of the year for many with Christmas debts being realised, New Year’s resolutions broken, uninspiring weather and relationship strains coming to the fore. Therefore, it’s not necessarily surprising that RedArc, usually receives 30 per cent more* referrals for mental health conditions during the month of January than at any other time of the year.

RedArc is urging advisers to use Blue Monday as the perfect excuse to contact their clients – both individual and corporate/employer – to remind them about the mental health support services often included within their insurance policies.

Advisers will presumably have partially recommended a policy based on the added value benefits but all too often RedArc believes these are forgotten about. Unfortunately, there is a very fine line between a stressed individual and the emergence of a mental health condition: for those who have a history of depression and anxiety, the condition can also become more complex and difficult to manage during the winter months, unless professional support is received.

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc said: “Every Monday can be a Blue Monday for someone who has mental health problems but advisers can help both individuals and employers by reminding them exactly what they’ve signed up to and ensuring those people who need help get the right support at the right time.

“Communication of mental health support is vital, whether that be from adviser to HR professional; HR to employee; adviser to direct client; insurer to corporate client; or insurer to individual – everyone needs to play their part in delivering joined-up mental health support. We’re asking advisers to be the catalyst that gets this chain of events happening today.”

*Statistics based on records of new patient referrals to RedArc nurses over the past ten years.