RedArc Nurses and Thrive app combine forces to offer insurers a ‘digital and human’ mental health app, akin to motor insurance ‘black box’

RedArc Nurses has partnered with Thrive Therapeutic Software’s mental health app to offer a new ‘digital and human’ approach to provide full-spectrum mental health support for insurers across protection and health insurances including both personal lines and group policies.

Benefits for Insurers

The partnership came about after both companies recognised a growing concern among insurers about underwriting for the wide variety of mental health conditions and severities as well as effectively managing claims: according to Mind*, one in four people will experience a mental health problem each year. By offering early intervention responses, the app will benefit insurers in mitigating the frequency, size and duration of claims.

Thrive’s technology empowers people to manage their own mental health through the daily monitoring of their mood. As the basis for this mood assessment, the app uses the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9) & the Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7), both employed by clinicians in diagnosing mental health conditions across the NHS and in private practice. The app is approved by NHS Digital and it features in the NHS app library.

The app also comprises other daily activities which can be used to track, monitor and improve resilience such as stress-busting techniques (breathing and meditation), gamification and setting personalised goals.

Building resilience

The app is accessible and fun without being flippant for people who are looking to build their resilience, and highlights where some risk factors, such as stress levels or lack of sleep, could in future reduce their ability to cope. The app is also comprehensive enough to detect individuals who need deeper support and where human intervention is necessary.

Access to one-on-one mental health support

The partnership with RedArc means that if specific markers are triggered via an individual’s activity, they are signposted to in-app coaches (psychology graduates supervised by consultant psychologists) who are then able to further screen and offer long-term support from RedArc’s qualified mental health personal nurse advisers. As part of this long-term support, RedArc nurses are also able to assess and arrange appropriate additional external services suitable for the specific needs of the individual. Such services may include traditional counselling as well as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR) and other specialised therapies.

Christine Husbands, managing director, RedArc Nurses said: “We’re likening this app to the black box of motor insurance. Where people are happy to be transparent and take responsibility for their mental health, they benefit by receiving tailored support, delivered via the app and by real people when needed.

“Insurers will also benefit financially as the app offers an early intervention solution which will prevent some less serious cases becoming more extreme, thereby reducing the incidence and severity of PMI or Income protection claims or even the avoidance of a death claim.

Andres Fonseca, CEO at Thrive said: ““Mental health problems are widespread, complex and diverse, ranging from mild anxiety and depression through to addictions, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We recognise the importance of a robust mental health solution to tackle all these conditions, but we also understand that any response needs to be sustainable and affordable. Our ‘digital and human’ app meets the requirements of those involved in providing and receiving mental health support – whether that be prevention, early detection or immediate intervention. We’ve partnered with RedArc to provide the human intervention because of their proven track record and expertise in supporting mental health.”

Benefits to the individual:

  • Quick and convenient access to clinically proven tools
  • Provides access to confidential and dedicated practical advice and emotional support
  • Reduces stress
  • Confidential support – reporting is anonymised so people can feel confident in using the app
  • Faster recovery rates – self-management allows those with mild depression/anxiety to recover in half the time

 Benefits to the insurer:

  • Product differentiation in a commoditised market
  • Controlled application – insurers can choose to offer the app at the point of claim only or to all policyholders
  • Additional touch points and communication with customer
  • Engenders increased loyalty and trust
  • Reduces frequency, size and duration of claims