RedArc to provide The Fostering Network’s stress support service

RedArc has been appointed by The Fostering Network, the UK’s largest fostering charity and membership organisation, to deliver a stress support service for its members. Legal Insurance Management Ltd, a specialist in the legal expenses and assistance marketplace, has arranged the partnership as part of The Fostering Network’s legal expenses insurance policy. The charity’s 34,000 foster carer households will now be able to access stress support from RedArc in addition to the legal helpline.

The Fostering Network is the essential network for fostering, bringing together everyone who is involved in the lives of fostered children. They champion fostering and seek to create vital change so that foster care is the very best it can be.

Referrals to RedArc’s stress support service will be made via The Fostering Network’s existing legal helpline and will include:

  • Access to a dedicated Personal Nurse Adviser for the foster carer and their relatives (including the fostered child whilst living with the foster carer)
  • Guidance on navigating the fragmented UK health and social care networks including NHS services, social services and local support organisations and charities
  • Support in researching appropriate counsellors to meet the needs of the individual
  • Provision of reading material to give more information on a condition
  • Guidance and advice on maintaining positive wellbeing

James Foyle, Head of Member Services at The Fostering Network said: “Our members undertake such a vital role looking after children and young people, but this can be extremely challenging which is why we are delighted that our sector-leading insurance now includes stress support from RedArc.

“Having RedArc’s additional support, be it a listening ear or helping to access local services, can make the difference to our foster carer members being able to carry on in their role. Supporting foster carers’ wellbeing is essential in enabling them to help the children and young people in their care to flourish.”

 Christine Husbands, managing director, RedArc Nurses said: “Foster carers can feel quite isolated, and their focus is rightly on the children in their care and not themselves. However, foster caring is often a long-term and challenging commitment, and the mental health of the carer needs to be protected. In-keeping with its ethos, we’re delighted to have been appointed as an extension of The Fostering Network’s community in ensuring these selfless individuals have someone to turn to if stress takes its toll.”