RedArc reinstates face-to-face therapies

Due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, RedArc is now able to resume provision of their usual face-to-face services* where necessary. This includes:

  • Mental health therapies
  • Physical therapies
  • Complementary therapies
  • Domestic help in the home
  • Second medical opinion
  • Private consultation

In line with current guidance, remote services will continue to be used whenever possible, but when necessary, face-to-face services can now be provided.

As RedArc provides a telephone-based service, they have been able to continue to provide their usual service of dedicated nurse support during lockdown. When additional therapies have been required, they have been able to source alternative remote services in the majority of cases and this will continue, but face-to-face services will now be reinstated when judged necessary by a RedArc nurse.

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc Nurses, said: ‘We’ve been able to continue to provide a largely uninterrupted service to our clients during lockdown, as all our nurses provide telephone support as a matter of course, but a large part of our work is arranging specialist care for people, and we’re really pleased that such care can now resume face to face where necessary.’

Face-to-face services will not be provided to any patients who are high risk, such as those advised to shield or for those who have a preference for a remote service.

The company will continually monitor evolving guidance and make any required adjustments accordingly.


*Services are subject to an assessment of risk to the patient and confirmation of the suppliers’ adherence to government and regulatory body guidance.