RedArc: Nurse support helps a fifth of employees return to or remain in work

The results of RedArc’s annual patient survey* highlight the benefits to insurers of offering a nurse-led service, to provide practical advice and emotional support to help people cope in times of physical and mental illness, disability, trauma or bereavement.

A range of questions relating to the quality and effectiveness of RedArc’s service were put to the individuals the organisation helps, and nearly a fifth (18%) stated the service had helped them return to or remain in work, and 95% said that the support enhanced their view of the insurer.

Such was the overwhelming positivity regarding the support, 99% rated the service Excellent or Good for the fourth year running, resulting in a world-class Net Promoter Score of 85%. (Net Promoter Score is a cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction. Above 80% is considered world-class.)

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc said: “We’ve all seen the increased emphasis on insurers offering added value, and these statistics show what this means in practice. Supporting people in their ill health is often part of a wider service proposition from many insurers, and these figures show the real difference this makes in practice as well as helping people remain in or return to work.

“And these results also show that our service enhances the insurer’s brand in the eyes of individuals using the service too.”

Key areas valued most highly, rated as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ included:

  • Having an empathetic nurse to take the call (94%)
  • Feeling they were being listened to (92%)
    • and especially the ability to talk to someone outside of immediate family or friends (84%)
  • The ability to express and discuss the problems that were most important (88%)
  • Ongoing contact and support for as long as it was needed (86%)
  • Being given useful information and appropriate guidance (79%)

Christine Husbands continued: “Selecting a partner to provide help in ill health is not a decision that insurers should take lightly, as the competency of the support provider will be reflected in users’ opinions of the insurer.

“Engagement, service and trust are all important components of insurers’ brand values, so it’s paramount that the service we provide at the front end reflects well on them.

“Offering support services that have a proven track record of helping people through difficult periods in their lives is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have tool in the armory of insurers in order to stay competitive in the market for talent.”


*Research conducted among 145 patients during July 2021