Fewer diagnoses of illnesses means treatment will take longer for both physical and mental health

Since the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic,  people have been reticent to visit medical practitioners to have their concerns investigated, as a result, diagnoses of serious illnesses are significantly lower than they should be, with year-on-year cancer diagnoses down 39%*, and this will have long-term serious consequences for the treatment of both physical and mental… Continue reading →

The support available for less common conditions needs more publicity

Cancer, heart disease, musculoskeletal conditions and mental health might be the conditions most likely to make headlines and are often the most claimed-for on protection insurance policies, but RedArc is reminding insurers not to overlook other less common conditions, which when grouped together make up a significant proportion. RedArc nurses commonly support people with less… Continue reading →

Mortgage intermediaries urged to understand ‘added value benefits’ when promoting protection products during pandemic

Mortgage intermediaries who are seeking to increase protection sales are urged to ensure they fully understand the added-value benefits included within these insurance products. Not only is this a much more compelling sell but the better informed that intermediary is, the better they are able to support their clients, according to RedArc, a third-party nurse… Continue reading →

RedArc reinstates face-to-face therapies

Due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, RedArc is now able to resume provision of their usual face-to-face services* where necessary. This includes: Mental health therapies Physical therapies Complementary therapies Domestic help in the home Second medical opinion Private consultation In line with current guidance, remote services will continue to be used whenever possible, but… Continue reading →

RedArc Nurses introduces multi-lingual interpreting to support health and wellbeing of people who don’t speak English

RedArc, the third-party nurse service often included as an added-value benefit within employee benefits and insurance policies, has announced a partnership with LanguageLine Solutions (LLS), allowing it to better serve people for whom English is not easily understood. Users of their service will now have instant access to on-demand interpreters in over 200 languages, to… Continue reading →

Insensitivities of others, causes upset to cancer survivors, says RedArc

National Cancer Survivors Day: Sunday 7 June 2020 Even the most positive thinking of cancer survivors would struggle to deal with some of the reactions of others when dealing with their illness, according to research undertaken by RedArc Nurses. Although unlikely to be deliberately hurtful, even unintentionally tactless remarks can cause stress, anxiety and emotional… Continue reading →

Supporting our General Insurance customers when they need us the most

Lloyds Banking Group is working with RedArc to support its general insurance customers needing extra help after a traumatic claim such as a fire or flood. The service is available to Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Lloyds Bank policy holders, once they have been referred by the Personal Claims Consultant managing their case. RedArc’s services,… Continue reading →