Make mental health support a feature of more insurance policies, says RedArc, prior to World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September)

Direct and employer-sponsored insurance policies could help reduce the UK’s suicide rate Suicide rates have been on the increase since 2007, according to figures from the Samaritan’s Suicide Statistics Report 2017, highlighting the fact that insurers and employers must not shy away from tackling mental health conditions including chronic depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD and trauma,… Continue reading →

2017 Patient Survey Results

Overall 98% of patients rated the service Good/Excellent. Open post to download full results

Article: HR News

When a staff member gets sick, and the diagnosis turns out to be cancer, most employers are sympathetic towards the diagnosis, but it seems that the physical aspects of the disease are only one component. HR Managers need to be prepared for the emotional and mental side effects of the disease. In fact, employees living… Continue reading →

Press release: Personal nurse advisory services enhance view of the insurer, RedArc research shows

Providing third-party nurse advisory services via, income protection, critical illness, life insurance and PMI products, improves customers’ view of their insurer, according to new research* from RedArc, and insurers could use this fact to help promote better uptake among their clients. In a recent survey of individuals who had accessed these services via their employer:… Continue reading →

Press release: Exam stress affects parents too, says RedArc

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc says: “Employers need to be aware that exam stress can affect staff too – particularly those who have children who are about to sit GCSE, A-levels or end-of-college exams that affect future life choices. “Exam stress increases dramatically when families are facing other difficulties such as divorce, bereavement or… Continue reading →

Press release: Insurers need their own manifestos for mental health

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc says: “A political manifesto without reference to mental health would have been badly judged in this day and age, so we’re pleased to see that all the major parties are treating this issue with the attention that it deserves and promoting equality for mental and physical health. “We believe… Continue reading →

Press release: RedArc selected as key partner for EmbryoCare

RedArc has been selected to provide nurse-led support services for EmbryoCare – the company that offers insurance for families against the risk of their baby being born with a health defect, or dies by any cause. RedArc will provide practical and emotional support to all customers from the moment of purchase – at no extra… Continue reading →