At the heart of all RedArc services is the personal nurse adviser providing long-term practical advice and emotional support. From time to time, the nurse may identify a need for a course of external therapy or counselling and carry out a clinical assessment.

In these circumstances, the nurse researches and sources an appropriate provider in the patient’s local area. Whilst the most common services are listed below, we also provide many more, depending on specific needs.

To ensure that these external services are provided to the highest of standards, we have a comprehensive vetting policy governing the management of our external network of specialist nurses and the sourcing of suppliers. All external service providers are sourced through the appropriate professional bodies and are required to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) prior to seeing the patient.

In each case the personal nurse adviser initially contacts the therapist and discusses the relevance and scope of treatment.

Typically, we then ask the patient to contact the therapist to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

The therapist invoices RedArc directly as agreed with the personal nurse adviser.

The RedArc personal nurse adviser always contacts the customer after the first appointment to ensure that there are no issues and we can continue to stay in touch long term, beyond the end of the course of therapy.

Examples of the range of external therapies and counselling we arrange include:

CounsellingCognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)HypnotherapyPsychotherapyReflexologyEye Movement Desensitisation (EMDR)MassageDialectical Behavioural therapyReikiCognitive Analytical TherapyHydrotherapyBereavement CounsellingHyperbaric OxygenSpeech and Language TherapyChiropracticOsteopathySpecialist PhysiotherapiesFace-to-Face Second Medical OpinionPractical help at homeSourcing Respite CareSpecialist Nurse Home Visit or Phone calls – Cardiac, Paediatric, Respiratory, Cancer, EpilepsyMedical & mobility equipment